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Bambou Company Vietnam - Linges de qualité pour hommes et femmes Magasin

Bambou Company is a French owned manufacturer, retailer and distributor based in Vietnam offering eco-friendly fashionable clothing and accessories for men, women and children.

Bambou uses Certified Organic Fibers such as bamboo fiber, tencel fiber (eucalyptus pulp), modal fiber (beech wood chips), coffee fiber and soybean fiber. Our Organic Fibers provide unparalleled comfort and suppleness and are long lasting and are not prone to fading.

Our team of French designers are up to date on current fashion trends ensuring that your clothing is always in style.

We use state of the art digital printing(DTG) that guarantees that our print designs will last for many years to come. We also use special water based pigment inks that are eco-friendly and child safe.

Bambou has also recently introduced a line of innovative accessories such as bamboo glasses, watches and pens.

Bambou Company Vietnam - High Quality Natural Fiber Clothing For Men, Women and Children - Vietnam

Bambou Company Vietnam - High Quality Natural Fiber Clothing For Men, Women and Children - Online StoreWe can even provide our customers with their very own customized private labels.

Bambou Company has 11 stores conveniently located throughout Vietnam and 6 stores in Cambodia.

The Bambou Team

www.bamboucompany.com (Vietnam)

www.bambouindochine.com (Cambodia)




C.E.O - Fraboulet Eric: bamboucompany@yahoo.fr
C.O.O - Fraboulet Vanessa: vanessa_bambou@yahoo.fr
Production director - Cousin Gilles: bambouproduction@yahoo.com
Stylist - Barrier Julie: j.barrier_bambou@yahoo.fr
Head-office: Tel (84) (0) 58 38 80 620
Email:  bambouaccounting@yahoo.com

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